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Google Suite and Google Cloud expert

G-suite is Google's productivity and collaboration tool for large and very small organizations. A set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to connect the people in your company, no matter where in the world they are.

With Google cloud you can run all your IT infrastructure on the top datacenters of Google, anywhere in the world. In this way you do not need to worry about hardware etc... Additionally there are tons of other cutting edge services which can help your business increase revenue much faster.

Google-Suite (aka Google Apps)

I have build up experience since the early days when Google Apps (former name of G-Suite) was launched in Europe in 2009. This with deployment and support of small and large global organizations. This experience gives me the benefit of knowing all the little tools and techniques on the deployment issues I encountered over the years. This experience I want to share with you so that your roll out goes as smooth as possible.

As a former certified deployment specialist (only for certified resellers, so I can not recertify) my experience can help small and large companies to plan strategies for deployment. This also included the change management, internal marketing and monitoring the adoption use.

I am also core member of the Belgian Google Apps Users Group (Belgaug) where we are in close contact with Google and organize regular events related to G-suite and related toolings.


The move to the cloud can be very important for your business. Many say that you have to move everything to the cloud, reality shows different. Therefor it is key to have good advice and guidance to see what services and infrastructure can be moved and what can not be moved in your organization. With more than 20 years in infrasture I can give a realistic view on your problems.

Training & Presentations

Do you have a need for G-Suite or Google Cloud training in your organization or specific on one of the subtools (gmail, sheets, slides, containers, compute engine,...) I can help you out. As a G-Suite and G-Cloud specialist and with one of the longest experiences in Belgium I know the product in and out and can create specific training or presentations like you want it.